The Heart of Tabitha

Thousands of years ago a woman named Tabitha was known in her community as one who, through love, provided clothing to everyone. When she died, the story goes that the whole town came out and laid their garments she made them around her. When she was then raised back to life, she continued to serve everyone!

After overseeing two "Pop Up Thrift Shops" at my church, my volunteer team and I saw that there was a need in our community for affordable clothing for the entire family, that wasn't going to be met a couple of times a year. This amazing story sparked a picture in my mind of people with the heart of Tabitha opening up their closets to provide a shopping opportunity for all.

The name Tabitha also means "beauty & grace". Beauty, grace, love, honour, excellence and serving are all words that are building blocks for this new business venture.

Combining the reusing of local resources with our ability to impact the word through shopping fair trade, the heart of Tabitha’s Closet is "local business impacting the global community."

With anticipation of what's to come,


Our Mission
Tabitha’s Closet exists to provide a beautiful, dignified shopping experience for peoples of all ages and stages of life. We believe that enhancing your strong, lovely and independent self doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As in grace we share with each other, one person’s tiresome wardrobe item could invigorate another’s.

We believe that sometimes an encouraging word is all that is needed to a turn a bad day around, and our specialized products promote speaking life and supporting people in other countries who are endeavouring to break the cycle of poverty and enhance their communities.


Join the local and global partnership of change! Please contact us to donate your gently used clothing to Tabitha's Closet!