Consignment Section

September 2018 Renew Fashions launched a consignment section in store! This is a highly selective section of the store where you can consign your premium quality clothing for a 50% rate.

Consignment clothing can be brought in anytime.  We will go through your clothes with you and decide what we can and cannot sell.

Remember, the consignment section is only a small part of Renew Fashions. The rest of the store is still done on a points system and we are happy to accept good quality clothing from any brand!

In order to provide you, our customer, with a consistent high quality selection we must be very selective with what items we will consign!

CLEAN: We can only accept freshly washed, folded, unstained and odor-free clothing.

CURRENT: Just like you, our customers want in season, on-trend, in-style items!

IN GREAT CONDITION: Clothes must be in like new condition. No missing buttons, broken zippers, piling, or holes.

MARKDOWN POLICY: If your item has not sold in 30 days it will be marked down to 25% off. After 60 days your item will be marked down to 50% off. At 90 days you can decide to take your item back or donate it.