Consignment Section

September 2018 Tabitha’s Closet launched a consignment section in store! This is a highly selective section of the store where you can consign your premium quality clothing for a 50% rate.

Consignment clothing can be brought in anytime.  We will go through your clothes with you and decide what we can and cannot sell.

Remember, the consignment section is only a small part of Tabitha’s Closet. The rest of the store is still done on a points system and we are happy to accept good quality clothing from any brand!

In order to provide you, our customer, with a consistent high quality selection we must be very selective with what items we will consign!

CLEAN: We can only accept freshly washed, folded, unstained and odor-free clothing.

CURRENT: Just like you, our customers want in season, on-trend, in-style items!

IN GREAT CONDITION: Clothes must be in like new condition. No missing buttons, broken zippers, piling, or holes.

REMEMBER TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND BEFORE YOU CONSIGN! Sorting, steaming, polishing, photographing and putting items into our inventory is time consuming! So once you consign an item we are unable to return it to you, unless it has not sold after 90 days.

MARKDOWN POLICY: If your item has not sold in 30 days it will be marked down to 25% off. After 60 days your item will be marked down to 50% off. At 90 days your item will be returned to you.

 If you would like to see a list of recommended brands to bring or not bring to a consignment appointment, call, email or message us on social media! We are happy to answer any questions!