You don't need anything we are selling.

Monica Switzer

Tonight I prepare for another big weekend of sales and shopping events. I opened my inbox and had messages from any business who has my email address telling me where I can spend my money for Black Friday.

This week I've promoted our new Grace & Lace line, tried to sell you ethical gifts that give to your friends and give back to the world and kept you up to speed on "new to you" arrivals.

But you know what I can't escape from this evening? This burning in my heart for you to know that you don't need any of the stuff Tabitha's Closet is selling. And I don't want for a moment to pretend that your life would be better if you had a soft cardigan or a tee shirt that speaks a good message.

The absolute last thing I want to do with my life is breed discontentment in someone else.

That's why my heart is crying out for you to know that YOU, my friend, are enough

You. For who you are. With what you have. 

When the whole world shouts and competes for your purchase and tries to tell you that you need what they have to offer, I hope you know that at the end of the day who you are matters so much more than what you wear, how you look or the gifts you buy.

I trust that if you can't buy the top extender, or if your dollar won't stretch to buy something fair trade, that you know it's ok. That you are amazing just simply the way you are.

There is no purchase or product to make you happy. Remember that next time I post something that just came in. I want to provide impactful ways for people to shop, but more than anything I want you to know that YOU are valuable, because you are you.


And YOU are enough.


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  • I love this message!


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