Unlocking Your Generous Heart

Monica Switzer


Generosity is a unique opportunity that each of us have every single day. It is a chance to give of ourselves, our time, our money and our resources to better the life of someone else, with no strings attached.

Generosity isn't a season. It isn't an emotional pull to drop change in the bottom of a bucket because the lights are twinkling and the carols are playing.

Generosity is a way of life. When our hearts are unlocked to the potential of living with an open hand, we will never go back to tightly grasping what is ours, because we can see that sometimes the joy of going without for someone else, is greater than the joy of having everything.

I have watched you, dear customers, unlock your hearts to generous living, and it is giving strength to the heartbeat of the Tabitha Project.

I see you read about the children fed through your purchases and watch your heart become expanded. I hear you ask about the stories from India where we are partnering with Village Artisan, and suddenly your heart has travelled across the ocean.

I stand behind the till and see you walk up our few steps, bringing in snow suits simply because you heard someone who came in was looking for one and your unlocked heart desired to be a part of sharing your clothes for a bigger picture.

Choosing to live a generous life is choosing to live from a place of vulnerability. Whenever we open our hearts, we put ourselves in an unguarded place. What if I get hurt? What if the person I give to didn't truly need it? What if my heart breaks more than I think I can handle?

These are questions I've asked before and I've come to the place where even if the answer is yes, I'd rather take the chance and live with a generous heart.

So, world changer, if buying a bullet necklace, or "change the world" earrings suddenly unlocks something in your heart that you weren't expecting, don't run from it. Don't be afraid. If you suddenly have a heart for a nation or a cause that you haven't experienced before, don't stamp it out.

You can take little steps towards impacting globally, right where you are. Here are some practical ideas:

1. Sponsor a child from the country that your heart is broken for. 


2. Research the country's greatest needs and then see how much impact you can have by rallying together 5 friends to join in giving to meet this need.


3. Plan a "working holiday" and join a group traveling to dig wells or building houses. By physically going there, you will become more aware of what you can do on a local front to impact their global community. 

I was able to travel twice to Guatemala after high school. These trips were monumental in unlocking my heart to give.

Thank you for opening your hearts to those around you. I pray that your eyes are opened to see the true significance that is deep within you. You are powerful and what you believe changes the world!

Together we really can be #localimpactingglobal




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