Treasures at Tabitha's

Monica Switzer


We had such an amazing time celebrating our grand opening with all of our customers! It was such a special moment to look around and see just how far we had come in just a few short months. 

Our mission continues to be the same:

Tabitha’s Closet exists to provide a beautiful, dignified shopping experience for peoples of all ages and stages of life. We believe that enhancing your strong, lovely and independent self doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As in grace we share with each other, one person’s tiresome wardrobe item could invigorate another’s.

We believe that sometimes an encouraging word is all that is needed to a turn a bad day around, and our specialized products promote speaking life and supporting people in other countries who are endeavouring to break the cycle of poverty and enhance their communities.

We have been so excited by the many "treasures" that have poured in! Nothing gets me more excited than someone finding something perfectly new to them and then having points to pay for it!

Why don't you share your exciting finds and help us celebrate all of Tabitha's Treasure! Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #TabithasClosetSK and once a month we will do a draw for a surprise item from the store!

Here are some of the treasures we are unpacking this week as we restock after having so many shoppers through on the weekend!

A cute cream button down shirt paired with a Village Artisan Infinity Beaded Scarf. Perfect for these cool days!

Is anyone a size 10!? These beauties keep taunting my size eight and a half feet after seeing them featured in this fall's Country Living Magazine! 

These are a definitely a treasure to scoop up!

Ok, seriously? Aden & Anias plus giraffes! This makes me wish I was swaddling another newborn! 

Size 8 men's Timberland work boots, At $35, these are a steal, still selling online secondhand for over $100.00

We have a few of these Inspired Findings signs left! The Gratitude sign perfectly encompasses the meaning of Thanksgiving Weekend!

New Pam Retzer Designs mini pouches came in! We also have wallets and make up bags in stock too!

Finally, Half United is flying off the rack. GUYSSSS - you know why I love this? Because it just shows how you walk with the heart of the Tabitha Project so deep with in you. Every purchase gives a child 7 meals! That's incredible. I'm still so happy that we found this company and as a community we get partner with them!

Don't forget, tonight is a double whammy of impact. Between 6 and 8 pm 100% of your purchase will go towards the Liberian families whose mom's were killed in a tragic accident. If you remember, we had last week's shopping night go to them as well. They are all members of the same church organization as us, and our hearts are so broken for the families. You can also give online if you are unable to get in store! Here is the Go Fund Me Page

Have a fantastic week and a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends!



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