Stories of "The Brave Tee"

Monica Switzer

I have been blown away at the response to the "Brave Is The New Beautiful" tee shirts! When they arrived in the mail, my wonderful husband looked at me in shock.

"How many did you order?"

I was in shock too, but confidently told him, "I can sell these."

Truthfully I was uncertain, but I believed that the words on this shirt would impact women everywhere.

Seven weeks later and we are getting close to selling out! I already loved everything that these shirts represented, but the more I hear the stories of the "why" behind purchasing the shirt, the more my heart is amazed at the profound truth held in the statement "Brave Is the New Beautiful".

I had a blast designing those tees, but with how busy I've been here at Tabitha's Closet, I've been working hard with an amazing designer to confirm the next Tabitha's Closet tee shirt design, and I'm looking forward to the day I get to release that. In the mean time, to inspire me as we approach the finish line with this next release, why don't you share your "brave is the new beautiful" story? You can comment on social media or just send me a message. It might be very personal, but I'd love to hear it!

I've already had ladies buying these for decades long besties, for a loved one going for chemotherapy, for a grieving friend, or purchasing them for themselves as a declaration going into a new job, recovering from an addiction, eating disorder and to prepare for having a new baby. 

One of my favourites was a 85 year old customer who looked at the shirts and said "I have to have one of these. This is totally me!". Her bravely beautiful heart was so refreshing!

These stories ignite hope in my heart that we have one of the bravest generations of women on earth, who are in turn going to teach the younger generation to be fearless in the pursuit of their destiny and confident in their ability to wildly impact the world for good.

My own brave story for this past year started with laying down something I loved to pursue something I couldn't even see yet. Brave was selling our home that we loved to start Tabitha's Closet. Brave is moving twice in one year to resettle our family. Brave has been not quitting, even when I've faced a lot of unknowns.

Send Tabitha's Closet a Facebook message or if you're comfortable to share, comment on the blog, Instagram or Facebook post! Let's inspire one another in our bravery!

What does the statement "Brave is the New Beautiful" mean to you? 


Happy weekend friends!


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  • I bought one of these tees the first time I went to tabithas closet. The day Monica shared a picture on Facebook I knew I needed one of these tee shirts. Like Monica said in her blog post brave is different to so many people. I am here to share my brave story. What’s brave to me?
    Brave is learning to live with the fact that I was in kidney failure when I was 8 years old. Brave is starting dialysis when I was 15. And Brave is finally receiving a kidney transplant from my mom when I was 16. Those were the brave moments of my childhood. For the present moment Brave is overcoming a hip replacment last year and the biggest brave I have is knowing that someday my kidney will get weak, and my transplanted kidney will fail. So when that moment happens I know I will have to be brave for my daughter to teach her and show her she can overcome any hardships she may have in her life. I think in the mean time I need to be brave everyday, live life in the moment. Don’t take any day for granted. Live the life I love no matter what people may think. Brave is just living life to its fullest.

    Amanda Stender

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