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I love a good basic tee. Cute knotted tees have been all the rage lately and I was so sad when I missed getting the Grace & Lace knotted tee when they sold out.

This grey shirt of mine is a fave that I thrifted this summer. Because I'm a "cool winter" I love deep and dark grey. That along with the softness of the fabric means I'm not ready to part ways with it over this little hole in the front.

I decided to upcycle this top to a knotted tee. I am NOT a sewer. I don't enjoy it, nor do I have the patience for it. So I was looking for an ultra easy solution.

All you need for this are some scissors. 

Step One - Find the middle of the shirt and then go about two inches off to the desired side.


Step Two - Cut about two inches up the shirt. You can see where the little hole is here. 

Step Three - Lift up one side and fold it slightly under. This is where the little hole is disguised as it's rolled up inside.

Step Four - Tie a knot. 

Step Five - Tie a second time. Take a moment to smooth out the knot and get the shape soft and not too severe.

Some shirts are long enough to tie a knot without cutting, but this top was already short and I had hardly any length to lose! I am so happy with how it turned out and to be on the knotted tee train! 

(Styled with Grace & Lace Distressed Denim, New to You Cardi and Red Robin Necklace)

You can try this out on a shirt you have at home, or come check out our "New To You" section and snag a deal to upcycle for yourself!

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