My Christmas Wish List: A Guide To Some Lovely AND Local Gifts

Monica Switzer

Doesn't it seem that once Advent hits December seems to slip away? I'm sure I'm not the only woman with multiple lists on her phone of all the baking to dos, gifts to buy and events to plan. 

I love it though. I love all that this season holds. The thrill of hope. The joy, the excitement that I see in my three babies faces. It reminds me of the privilege it is that I get to be their mom.

I'm also the practical type of woman that thinks, if you're going to spend money on me, let's make sure it's something I really want.

Selfish? Or a good steward of resources? I will let you decide.

Either way, I always make a very detailed list of what I want for Christmas. And lucky me, I get to throw a few extra ideas in too because my birthday is just five days later! 

My husband really appreciates knowing a variety of what I want but then I get to be surprised by what he chooses off of my list (no, unfortunately our budget rarely extends to everything on my list!)

Here is my Christmas Wishlist from the little shops right in our hometown of Kipling! Whether you are from here or not, I hope it inspires your gift giving and encourages you to explore what your hometown has to offer!

1. Hillberg & Berk Avalanche Sparkle Balls from Timeless Trends in Kipling

These are so beautiful and only here for a limited time. I have a pair of silver sparkle balls that I received for Mother's Day 2016, and I have worn them so much. I love the contrast in these earrings and I know they are just my colour! Owner, Kelly Fonagy told me there are only a few left so you will want to hustle to get these! 

2. Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour Perfume from Kipling Pharmasave

This is my favourite perfume! I've been wearing it for a few years and it is at the top of my Christmas list. I have always managed to get it right in Kipling! Pharmasave carries a variety of other perfumes and eau de toilettes to fit your budget. 

3. Christmas Baking from The Paperclip Cottage

Remember that list of baking I mentioned? Billie makes these beautiful Christmas trays that will relieve any busy mama's heart! Just a reminder, you need to have orders in by December 21st to receive your tray or tin! And when it's made by another loving local mama, it's the same as serving your guests your homemade baking, right!? 


4. Faux Fur Cuffed Canada Mitts from Balfour Drugs

Ok I cheated on this one a bit. I gifted them to myself because they were GORGEOUS and my hands were freezing, but a great gift right? They have a good selection of other really cute accessories to keep you warm! These are perfect for representing Canada for our 150th birthday!

5. Christmas Wreath from Kipling Home Hardware 

This was an early gift to me since I needed something to liven up my sliding door that has yet to have been painted. I'm in love with the blue hints in this wreath and the glittery sparkle on the leaves!

6. Grace & Lace from Tabitha's Closet

Ok, it was a little hard to choose since I hand pick every new item that comes in our store. But without a doubt I'm crazy about Grace & Lace this year. It was hard to pick the one thing I want the most, but I landed on the Black Hi-Lo top extender. I know that it will elevate my "new to you" tops and especially my leggings! I'm sure hoping it's under the tree on December 25th! 


I hope these ideas have sparked thoughts in your own mind! I haven't even touched on some of the other great home based businesses we have in town too. Or men's gifts! Maybe posts for another day?

Now it's your turn, share your local gift ideas! Thank you for supporting business in Kipling!

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