Brave is the new beautiful.

Monica Switzer

I was talking with a friend about a situation she was going through and the bravery that was be required to come out on top. We were laughing at our mostly unglamorous lives that were requiring a lot more choices to do the tough thing than we would have liked. I said casually back to her "well you know, brave is the new beautiful."

It felt like weight was added to those words that day as the phrase spun around in my head over and over. 

Sometimes, no, most of the time, the most beautiful thing we can do is to be brave. It is in our greatest moments of bravery that we shine the most beautifully. It is in our raw, unmasked moments that the true lights of our hearts can be displayed to those around us.

I would rather live a life overcoming my fear than just maintaining my image, wouldn't you?

There was a woman in history who was chosen to be queen based simply on her looks. She was declared the most beautiful woman in the country. But we do not remember her for her beauty. Esther, Queen of Persia is remembered because when disaster struck, she was brave enough to stand for truth and lay her life on the line for the sake of those she loved.

What if we redefined beauty? What if it wasn't simply a hairstyle, a figure flattering outfit or a lip colour that lasts all day (don't get me wrong, I love all those things), but what if true beauty was measured by the risks we take, the love we show, the lives we impact and the fears we obliterate. 

This fall, 2017, I say that BRAVE is the new beautiful. And you, my dear, are beautifully brave and more than capable to do whatever hard things come your way. 


As we get ready for all that September holds and the opening of Tabitha's Closet, I'd love to hear what "brave is the new beautiful" means to you! Do you have someone in your life that is beautifully brave? We are going to do a fun contest to spread the news that brave is the new beautiful and give you and a friend a chance to win one of these powerful tees! 

To enter, head over to our Facebook Page

I can't wait to hear your stories and have the opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing women in our lives!




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