"Are you Tabitha?"

Monica Switzer

The first two weeks of business have been an exciting adventure! When we aren't helping a customer find the right "new to them" outfit, complimented by an accessory that's changing the word, we are sorting, pricing, hanging, sorting - on repeat! We have had so many clothes come in, and we are so thankful for that!

Over and over I've heard the statement "Oh, you must be Tabitha!?"

Confusion generally comes over their face when I say "no, actually I'm Monica" and then they ask well then who on earth is Tabitha?

Well friends, I thought I should take a moment and tell you about the woman who has inspired this little business venture. 

Tabitha was a woman in history who spent her life making and providing clothes to her community. She was known as a woman of generosity who made it her life mission to see that no one went cold. 

It often goes that "you don't know what you've got til it's gone", and I think that was the case with Tabitha. She suddenly got sick. Very sick. She was unable to fulfill her calling and make clothes for the people she cared for so much. 

Then she died.

Well the whole community was suddenly aware of the gaping hole that had been left in them by the absence of Tabitha.

With old world dramatic flare, they brought all of the clothes that she had made them and laid each garment around her body and wept and loudly and passionately.

But this wasn't the end of Tabitha's journey. 

A man named Peter was in the area and he was full of the power of God. 

(Bear with me for a minute, something crazy is about to happen!)

Peter's heart was moved with compassion for every one involved, including this amazing woman Tabitha, and he, by the power of God, raised her back from the dead!

Tabitha wasted no time on this second chance she was given, and she continued to love and care for those around her until her time truly did come to die.

Tabitha isn't about a person, or an owner, or a business model. Tabitha is a heart that we can all take part in. 

Tabitha's Closet is a picture of each of us being moved with compassion for our neighbour, and joining together to provide a common place for someone to find the clothes they need (and love), regardless or age, gender or income. 

The heart of Tabitha is a picture of the ability to use our resources for good. To benefit others, even if you never meet them, but you have peace in your heart that you were part of a local movement impacting the world.

So whether you live here in Kipling, or much farther away, you can be part of the Tabitha Project. A movement that says, "I want my life and talents to bless others" and then you go and do it! 

You are powerful! And your choice on how you will live today will change the world around you!


With love + gratitude,


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