3 tips to maximize your "new to you" purchase!

Monica Switzer

People have many different reasons why they choose to shop second hand. Whether your family is going through a rough season financially, saving for that special trip, or simply love the thrill of the treasure hunt, shopping second hand can save you some big bucks!

In my own life I've gone through many seasons where I haven't be able to buy the clothes that I needed, much less wanted. Then there were times when I was a new mom that my goal was to simply not look like I was drowning! I learned quickly how to maximize what I had and what I purchased to restore my confidence and dignity during those post baby years.

At Tabitha's Closet we have now sold over 1,200 "new to you" items in our first month! Wow! Thank you so much for your purchases! That's a lot of great outfits!

I want to give you three tips on how to get the most wear from the great new to you items you found!

1. Find your colours. In the last few years I discovered that I have a "seasonal colour palette" and took a colour analysis test that showed me I am a "cool winter". I have tailored my make up, hair, clothes and jewellery to this. You can find your colour palette here

I have learned that my recommended colours are definitely what I feel best in. You will never see me in a oatmeal coloured top or pale pastels. It doesn't matter how beautiful the item, I know it will wash me out and I won't feel pretty. This zeroes me in during my treasure hunt for a great piece and helps me to be more focused in my search! 

2. Mix old and new where you can. A lot of us have that great pair of jeans that we splurged on and they make us feel so good! These "staples" are the perfect pieces to mix with a statement new to you top, sweater or shirt/cardi combo. We are more likely to get tired of a top than a faithful pair of jeans. Saving money here allows you to change up your outfit depending on the season outside or your stage of life while leaving extra spending money for your favourite brand of jeans. 

3. Pick a signature jewellery piece. We all have that friend that has an adorable necklace that looks good with everything she pairs it with. It becomes her signature piece. If you saw it on someone else, you would think of her immediately. Right now, I'm wearing the Village Artisan Persian Radiance Earrings and the Sojourners bangles with EVERYTHING! I love the instant beauty and grace it adds to every outfit, and I love that my jewellery choice went toward helping the people of North India.


What's your favourite "new to you" item you've bought? My most favourite was a grey cardigan I had during my bible school days that had large buttons on the front. It was so in style and at only $5.00 it fit my "broke student" budget and made me feel great! I wore that thing until it practically fell off me!

I hope we can see you at our Grand Opening tomorrow at 2 pm! Stop by and say hi!

Have a fabulous Friday!


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